==&nbsp Zelda is played by Rob52xbhs==

Powers Edit

The Three Forbidden Arts of Sorcery known as the Powers of Creation, Destruction and Change. Alongside that she has the ability to send out magical spells known as "seekers" to find any Sixth Sense Mutant, human or God that she wishes.


Zelda used to live as an advisor to the King in Aurora's Kingdom. She was power hungry and ruthless, always urging the King on to create War instead of Peace. She was banished, as the King, Aurora and the Council saw her as a bad influence and possible threat to the peace they were trying so desperately to create. Zelda wandered, praying to Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Chaos to save her and help her claim her revenge. Eris decided to use Zelda's bloodlust as a benefit to her, and granted Zelda's wish, bringing her to Tartarus and giving her the Three Forbidden Arts of Sorcery in exchange for her Soul. Zelda was given extroardinary powers and helping Zelda exact revenge by summoning the Vikings that destroyed Aurora's Kingdom. Spending time in Tartarus, Zelda learned of people who were given a "sixth sense", extroardinary gifts they received either at birth or through a God.


  • Zelda has decided to betray Eris as she has grown power hungry over the last 400 years in Tartarus
  • Zelda can absorb the power's of someoe with a "Sixth Sense" when they die
  • She is currently on a mission to find many people with a Sixth Sense and to kill them
  • Her first target is Aurora, the Princess who helped exile her, that is currently residing with Dimitri and Moses in a cottage [location; Unknown]

Current SituationEdit

Zelda is currently travelling, trying to find Aurora. Her search has led her to Aurora's fallen kingdom, where she wishes to gather any of her remaining magical resources that weren't destroyed. Upon entering the castle she was able to locate the secret passage way to her hidden room and picked up some important scriptures and potions on Black Magic and Conjuring. Looking through her scriptures, she realizes her research shows that a terrible beast known as the "blue eyes" is currently residing in Tartarus. She does a summoning spell, an undertaking that leaves her drained, but maniacly happy that she was able to retrieve the terrifying monster from the depths of the Underworld. Eris is furious, realizing Zelda has not only betrayed her but stolen one of her most precious and destructive pets - the Blue Eyes. Zelda now continues on her quest with the beast, ambitious for unlimited power.


Zelda and Eris

Zelda makes a deal with Eris

Zelda and Jasmine

Zelda has found Jasmine

Zelda's Pet

Zelda Summons the "Blue Eyes" from Tartarus


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