Name: Xena

Job: Hunter

Mission: To capture all gifted or cursed people

Storyline: When she was a kid, she met Gabrielle after she lost her home. As they both grew up they became part of The Government. When her friend Gabrielle goes missing, Xena tries to find her until one day she spots her with the enemy. She warns her friend that if she doesn't come back to The Government, her new friend will get killed. So Gabrielle returns as they both go to see Kent Mansley for a special mission.

Recently, Kent comes up with a plan with the help of Lady Tremaine to tranform Gabrielle to Megara to trick the gifted. Xena now wish to have her friend back but Kent goes against her on it. Xena doesn't know what to do now. She feels sorry for the gifted and her friend but she's already gone too far into this to go against The Government.

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