Sasha is John Smith's canine companion, and a supporting character in 'The Sixth Sense'.




Sasha is not gifted herself, but her closeness with John makes her just as vested in their cause. She is clever, tough and easily angered, resulting from her years as a stray. Though cynical, she is caring at heart.


Not much is known about Sasha's past. She was a stray dog in John Smith's hometown before she met John rather recently. The two were inseperable before John was captured by The Government. Their bond is made closer than most between dogs and their owners by John's ability to speak directly to animals and the respect he shows her, valuing her as a friend and an equal.

During John's captivity, he sent Sasha to deliver his message to Megara. On Christmas Day, she encountered a couple of gifted cats, Francis and Tiger, who were searching for another cat.

Current SituationEdit

Most recently, Sasha caught up with Megara and has successfully delivered John's message. She and Megara met on tense terms, as Megara attacked Sasha with her gift as soon as she saw her. After Megara realized her intentions, she relented, and Sasha acted like nothing had happened, smiling and wagging her tail. However, Sasha is now suspicious of Megara's intentions, and will not fully trust her while she waits to be reunited with John.

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