Robin Hood is one of the protagonists and once a prince that was cursed of being a heroic fox with powers.



Runs faster than any man, climbs on walls and can sense people with gifts by looking at them glowing.


Before he was a fox, he was a human prince and he had a sister name Rapunzel. When he was young, his father was always going away on trips. One day he's sister disappeared in Robin's life and he wonders where she is. Also his father when away and never returned. As he grew up into a man all he wants to do is to help people in need. That's how he met a beautiful girl name Cinderella. He didn't know much of her past but he loved her deeply so he married her. Lady Tremaine (Cinderella's stepmother) works for The Government. When she sees them together she gets jealous. So she hires Lawance (a shapeshifter) to help her. She casts a curse on Robin that turns him into a fox then she lets The Government capture him while Lawrence tricks Cinderella in telling him her secret of her gift. Robin escapes to find Megara but he relizes that he could find both Megara and Cinderella in danger so he surrenders. While being arrested he meets Tiana. He tells her that he is Cinderella's husband. In prison he meets John Smith who is a prisoner and Jafar who also works for The Government.


Alice visits Robin in prison and he tells her he's Cinderella's husband. Alice explains to him that Cinderella is mad at him because she thinks he betrays her. Robin feels sorry for Cinderella. The Government lets Robin help Tiana with the chores. Soon he meets Milo Thatch and Milo gets very interested at him. Jafar watches them talk from the back of the room.


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