Mulan is s character from 'The Sixth Sense'.



Mulan's power is to sense and control or block the powers of others making her a perfect tool for The Government.


Mulan began working for The Government at the age of 17. She hunted many people. Her only joy came from her friendship to fellow Hunter, Jim Hawkins. Unfortunately, Jim is arrested and betrays The Government. She lets Jim escape. She is harshly punished. She continues to work for The Government with the hope that her work would help others. She then met John Smith when he was in captivity. She was entraced with the man. She began to realize The Government had been lying and that people with powers were not evil. She has recently run away from The Government and met Cale Tucker along the way.

Relationships Edit

Jim Hawkins - While in The Government facility, Mulan tended to cut herself off from most of the other workers. The only one ,who ever approached the girl was Jim. He became her only friend. One day, she hears of his capture and is heartbroken. She shuts herself off again. Two nights after his capture, Jim attempts a daring escape. Mulan runs after him. Once she catches him, she can't bear to turn him in, so he lets him go.

Milo Thatch - Milo warns Mulan that Rourke is coming after the Jim fiasco. He looks on disapprovingly as Mulan is severely punished.

Audrey - Another government worker, who witnesses Mulan's punishment.

John Smith - He is the first person with power she had ever met. He made her realize that what The Government has been doing is wrong. She is the one on duty when Garret, John and Amalthea escape.

Cale Tucker - Cale is the first person Mulan meets after leaving The Government. He points a gun at her. She quickly jumps away and hides. He laughs in amusement. He finds her quite interesting. They start talking ,but her suddenly walks away leaving Mulan alone.

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