Miriam is one of the characters in the Non/Disney 'The Sixth Sense' Project.



The power that Miriam had since her birth was that of Death Sight. When she lays eyes on someone, she sees how the person will die. Why or when that person will die remains a mystery to her, in most cases. Of course, sometimes it's clear by the person's age and the method of death in her vision, when they will die, but certainty is never there.


Due to her powers, Miriam always has a hint of sadness in her eyes, deaths of millions of people haunt her mind and she can do nothing to help them, that would make any normal person depressed, or even drive them mad. The only reason why this hasn't happed to Miriam yet, is her ability to see the good in everything and everyone around her. She believes that because she can see the end of life, it gives her all the more reason to treasure it as much as possible.

Violence is something that she loathes, but she knows it's an evil that she has to do, because there is no other way for her to survive. Given that she has been on the run for the biggest part of her life, would make you think that she would be careful in who she talks to, but her positive believe in people often overrules her bad experiences. Being highly religious, she trusts in her God and her own feelings to tell her if something is wrong, if she doesn't feel alarmed, she will just step up to a person and talk. This is also what she did when she first saw Hercules.


Current LocationEdit

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