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Lucifer has taken many souls and lives. He has stolen the and crushed the spirits of many. He dwells beneath the Earth, in which the flames and souls cry out for eternity.

He has a number of wives, in which he mates with for his fun and entertainment. He has many creations which promote his evil, such as Dimitri. And he tries to lure others to join his legion of darkness.


Dimitri - the son of Lucifer and Odette.

Joseph Korso - He has token the life of his lover, Queen Tuya. And now threatens him within his dreams.

Joseph - Lucifer kicked Joseph off of his high throne many years ago, and banished him from hell. Now Joseph is damned with immortality, never to return "home."

Queen Tuya - One of his many wives whom used to be the lover of Korso. She betrayed Korso by telling him all of his weakness' because she believes that Korso has fallen out of love with her, and in love with Joseph.

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