Lilo was a sweet little girl overcoming many obstacles including having no memories. All she knows is that growing up in an orphanage is hard enough without having to hide a blue monster named Stitch along with her powers away from the government. Lilo's story starts out as just her writing a somewhat frightened response to Megara's letter. Tired of hiding she decides to fight for Megara's cause. Packing up her things, Lilo begins travelling to find out where Meg is hiding.

As she's travelling a storm throws her off course and she crashes in some strange land. It turns out that a dragonoid sorcerer named Malice had planned on kidnapping her for sometime. Scared and unable to form a coherent plan of escape, Lilo lives under Malices careful watch. It isn't until Malice is Given an ultimatum that Lilo gains her freedom but is imediately put under the care of Dimitri and his gang of villains. Unable to take Stitch with her, Lilo timidly leaves Malice's domain into a new danger that she has yet to be fully aware of.


Lilo's powers are not clearly defined as of yet. Lilo's take on how her powers work is that she believes she can age 10 years ahead of her actual age. The form she takes instead is of her elder sister Nani. Lilo hopes that Dimitri will be able to help her harness her powers correctly.

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