Lady IceEdit


Lady Ice is a newer character added to the fictional sixth sense story universe. Although she has not been elaborated upon, it is known her powers involve the manipulation of water. She can control anything that is made of water - including vapor, ice, and creatures made of water. She also has the ability to create any form of water out of thin air.

Once possessing a strong sense of right and wrong, Lady Ice no longer knows what side of the Sixth Sense debate she is on.


Lady Ice was formed as a manifestation from government laboratory experiments in the early twentieth century. Being the only living creature to have a sixth sense power in the government’s possession, she was experimented upon over a course of a few months. Eventually, she was able to escape her confines. Ignorant of the world or its inhabitants, Lady Ice has spent the last century attempting to learn how to integrate herself within the human population. With these pursuits, she has met mixed success. Constantly struggling with the concept of her solidarity, she questions if she truly can claim she posesses humanity.


Due to her originally disarming appearance, a majority of Lady Ice's knowledge of the world has come from a large assortment of research files and fiction novels. From this, she is seen as overtly intelligent, yet formal, stiff, and humorless. Much like her name, she appears to possess no warmth of character or love towards others. Lady Ice has yet to understand great depths of human emotion, therefore she acts overly logical and self righteous in all situations.

In terms of outlook, Lady Ice is a complete pessimist. Always assuming the worse, she may go out of her way to avoid lackluster situations. Perhaps not due just to her personality (but possibly a physical weakness), she avoids large amounts of sunlight or warm weather. This makes her fervent search to interact in a kindly way with others even more difficult.

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