Kim Possible is a character from 'The Sixth Sense' Project, the daughter of Annie Hughes and John Rolfe. She, like her parents, is gifted. However she doesn’t know who her parent’s were, having been put into an orphanage as a baby.


Kim Possible


Kim, like her mother, was born with her powers. She inherited her powers from both her mother and father, though she has some control issues with them at the moment. Kim has the power of Nullification like her mother, as well as the ability to steal memories. It is unclear whether these powers take away on her life span like it did her mother. Kim also inherited her father's powers, but what they are is a little bit unknown to everyone but her and her John Rolfe.


Kim's Powers


Kim was born from the union of Annie Hughes and John Rolfe, however a few days after her birth she was given to an orphanage. She does not know her parents, but she knows she was adopted by her adoptive parents. She is unaware that her mother has been watching her, and since graduating from school she has been looking for her parents, wanting to know more about them and her powers.

Current SituationEdit

Kim is currently looking for her parents, travelling with a hooded figure. Heading for The Government HQ in hope to find her mother.

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