Jim Hawkins is a protagonist in 'The Sixth Sense' project. He is sixteen years old.


Jim Hawkins


Jim has just recently come into his powers. During his employment by The Government, he accidentally killed a woman he was pursuing. Since then, he has been haunted by her ghost. Shortly thereafter, he began noticing more apparitions of the dead.


Jim grew up with his older sister Belle and his father Maurice, his mother having died at an early age. Belle became much like a mother to him, and despite a bit of jealousy at her being the perfect older sister, he still loves her dearly. He did his best to protect her once their father died, knowing that she was one of those who possesed special powers.

Jim was best friedns with Peter. Peter was the one who had powers all along, and when the two were confronted, Jim took the fall for his friend. The Government tracked him down at his house, and threatened to kill his sister Belle if he did not go with them. Once The Government interrogated him, they realized he didn't have any powers at all and had only done it to save his friend. They decide they could use dedication like that on their side and offer Jim the job of Hunter. Jim, knowing The Government won't let him go if refuses since he knows too much, accepts.

James "Jim" Hawkins then works for The Government as a Hunter, tracking down and capturing those with the sixth sense. He aids in the capture of several with the sixth sense, including John Smith and Jane Porter. While working for The Government, Jim approaches and befriends Mulan, becoming her only friend. Later in his career while chasing a young woman he's been assigned to capture, he accidentally kills her and is subsequently haunted by her ghost. Gradually Jim begins to see more and more of these apparitions, and realizes with a mixture of horror and self-disgust that he is becoming just like those he was assigned to detain. Reports of these apparations reach The Government, who decide to discharge Jim from his position. When it comes to their attention that Jim is one of these sixth sensers, they realize they must capture him as well. Jim gets captured, and two nights later attempts a daring escape. Mulan ends up being the one to catch him, but because of their friendship lets him go. Jim continues to run, and must now try and seek solace in those he was previously trying to bring down.

Current SituationEdit

Jim is currently on the run from The Government.



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