Character's Past [known so far]:

  • Hades murdered Zeus in the past to absorb his powers and destroy the human race, however before Zeus died, he placed a terrible curse on Hades that sealed his powers away for all eternity

Character's Present Situation:

  • Hades has been dodging The Government forever, but made a pact with Kent Mansley to deliver new mutants and joined The Government for the exchange of Jasmine.
  • Revealed to The Government that Aladdin was a traitor.
  • After The Government "killed" Aladdin, Hades brought him back to life in exchange for Jasmine's soul.
  • Has imprisoned Aladdin in the Underworld for unknown reasons.
  • Wife; Eris [who Hades has imprisoned]
  • Has his wife possesses Jasmine in order to have her seek out mutants for him.
  • Made a deal with Quasimodo - put a spell on Tiana and allowed Quasimodo to take over Rameses' body in order to make her fall in love with him.
  • Made a deal with Holli Would, saying he would giver her his protection from The Government if she would deliver him the souls of the men she killed with her powers.

Videos: thumb|300px|right|Hades offers Esmerelda Protection in the form of a demon dog; Steelethumb|left|300px|Hades Past and Present Plansthumb|300px|left|Hades asks Holli Would to steal souls for himthumb|300px|right|Hades grants Quasimodo's deepest desirethumb|left|300px|Hades deal with the government in exchange for Jasmine decrees he work for the Goverment hunting down those who escapethumb|300px|right|Eris begs Megara to free her from her Tyrant of a husband; Hades

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