A protagonist that has switch from being hunted to become a hunter.
Powers: Sense danger, turn into an eagle

Past: When she was five, her home was destroyed by the huns. She then finds another girl name Xena and together they learn how to be warriors. As they grew up they suddenly end up working for the government. Everyday she has to hunt down any gifted people. One day she discovered that while she was hunting, she can sense danger before it happens. Even worse, she got out of control and turned into an eagle in front of her friend. Xena told her to control it and keep it from anyone. So she decided to wonder off away from Xena and wanted to find others like her. While on a trail, she meets Miguel who shares the same gift and follow the same sign. While with him, Xena spies on them and orders her to come back before they found out but it was too late, the government said that she has to join the government on the battle and betrayed Megara or they'll kill Miguel. Now poor Gabrelle was forced back into being a hunter and become a villian towards her true love. Kent came up with an idea with Lady Tremaine to transform Gabrielle into Megara to trick alot of gifted people to following her and she leads them into their trap. She finally finds John Smith, his new bride, and the others that traveled with him. She tries to act like Meg hoping it would work but Sasha, John Smith's dog can sense that it's not Meg and Garrett can tell she is lying but the ground. Gabrielle finally confesses about herself. For the safety of the others, Garrett clears her mind for about 24 hrs and they leave her behind to sleep. When Gabrielle wakes up, she finds her to be herself again but doesn't remember what happen to her recently. She sees the others walking and tries to remember who they are but instead she flies to headquarter to find Xena.

Recently: Gabrielle gets throwed to the wall by Kent because she didn't do her duties but he has given her one more chance. She gets the bad news that her friend Xena is dead but the truth is that Xena is now working for Hades.

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