Eilonwy - sixth sense


Eilonwy (torehxizxhere) is a character in "The Sixth Sense" project. She is fighting on the side of the other gifted people, so far.

Sixth SenseEdit

Eilonwy can summon a mixture of static electricity and pure energy, and use it for her own needs. She can throw it at an enemy as a deadly weapon, or spread it in a shield for defense. She can also move things with it if she's careful, but hasn't quite mastered that ability yet.


Eilonwy was an orphan who lived on the streets with her companion, Balto. One night a man in the town who worked for The Government saw her using her gift, and he and another man cornered Eilonwy and Balto, determined to catch them both and put Eilonwy in a camp for the gifted.

But with the help of Balto, Eilonwy managed to escape the two men and run away. She found Megara's note in a village not too far from her own, and decided that she and Balto needed to find Megara.

On their journey, they meets two other gifted people; Hercules and Miriam...(To Be Continued)

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