Colonel Justin Matthew HughesEdit

Colonel Justin Matthew Hughes is a character used by TaoStars309 for Shaestel's Sixth Sense contest. The character is portray by the Colonel from the 2002 Dreamworks film, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron'.

Colonel Justin Matthew Hughes

Character History Edit

Not much is known about the Colonel's past, nor his particular reason he became a hunter. He seems to harbor a hatred toward the gifted, due to his ruthless hunting style.

Military Ethics Edit

Colonel Justin Hughes is a skilled in tactical maneuvers. He is able to use his subordinates to successfully capture many gifted individuals. He is able to plan ahead the moves of certain individuals due to his personal study of their behavior. He recons the individual in question before he is able to capture them. He believes that he is doing the country a justice by locking the barbarians away in prison.

Current SituationEdit

He has been currently trying to find Tzipporah. He believes that she is of the highest Priority due to her ability to see the future and predict the findings of other Gifted individuals. Wtih the help of Tiana, the Colonel loses his oracle. He is currently searching for Tzipporah and there is a hint of unrequainted love hidden beneath his lust of Tzipporah.

Gift/ Power(s)Edit

  • No power, he is human.


  • John Smith- Little is known about the Colonel's involvement with John's past or how significant John is to his past. There is a strong hatred for John though
  • Jim Hawkins- Jim was a hunter under the Colonel's watchful eye and he was considered his perfect soldier.

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