Clara is one of many protagonist that is being hunted down by The Government. She turned 16 when she discovered her powers.


Clara can make things come to life, fly, go through walls and have visions of the future.

Clara gift

Clara discovering her gift


At age 7, Clara started to have nightmares but her parents told her to ignore them. After her 16th birthday her powers were discovered. That was when she started to explore the house at night. When she was playing with her dolls, they started to come to life. She told her parents about this but again they told her to ignore them. Clara tried to but her powers kept on growing. One morning she woke up and found herself flying around in her room and she went through the walls of her house. Now it was really hard to keep her powers in control.

  • On The Run: One night Clara had a dream about a man who is chasing her down and catches her with his cold hands. Two nights later while Clara was sleeping. She heard someone breaking into her home. At this time she is alone in the house while her parents are out. She rushes downstars and into the living room. Then someone locks her in. A man name Frollo was standing over her. He told her that he knows who she is and is telling her to come with him quietly but Clara didn't want to. She started to cry on the floor as the man tried to grab her by the arm but Clara slipped out of his hands and run out of the house. Frollo started to follow her on his horse.

    Clara on the run

  • Meeting Judean & Arthur: As Clara runs into the dark roads, she found two other children hiding from the same man. Judean, age 14 who was gifted with invisibility; and Arthur, age 15 who was gifted with the ablity to change into any animal.
Judean with Arthur as a donkey
  • Jafar: While Clara and the other children are at the dark streets, a person walks towards them. His name was Jafar. Clara's visions were right! Someone was coming to save them. Jafar smiled at them and offered them a hand and together walked to Tiana's place where the shared a meal then they will journey to The Government HQ.

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