Cassim (MikomiShizuka) is an ex-hunter from the government.


Cassim had been poor his entire life. He always had a heart of gold but he did what he had to in order to survive. At the age of twenty-seven he was invited into a secret organization to be given the proper training to become a bounty hunter. The man hesitated, but he couldn't turn it down because of how much money he'd make. However he never killed his prey; he always brought them back alive, for which he earned more money than most. The organization didn't like it, so after twenty years he was banished and poor yet again.

Now fourty-seven, he wasn't sure how to make a living. All he knew, all he lived for, was to hunt. After several months of living like a peasant he was approached by a man named Facilier. He offered him a job to become a hunter, but never told him that most of the people he'd be hunting would be innocent.

After working for Facilier for a few weeks with no luck, he met the captured Odette. She was a frightened young woman, and yet a firecracker. She was tough and witty; that's what sparked his infatuation with her. During the two weeks of them socializing behind Facilier's back, he grew attached to the woman and promised to help her escape. On that very same night Facilier finally finished with the amulet he created to keep Odette from morphing. However, Cassim threatens Facilier and scares him into letting him and Odette go. The former hunter removes the amulet and Odette says she wants to go home.

He obliged and watched from afar as the scene took place; Odette began dancing with the prince. But the man smiled when the daemon Thrax crashed the party and took Odette home with him.

It is hinted that Cassim and Thrax are acquainted, but it hasn't been confirmed.

To Cassim's surprise, the next morning Odette returned with a little friend. The parrot Iago was clearly attracted to the girl as a swan, and even though he was shocked to see that she was actually human; the bird did not back down as he whispered to Cassim, "I'm not worried. She'll come around!" Then he allowed the "little turkey"-as he called him-join them.

When Cassim heard about the way Dean (Dean/Thrax) treated her, he sought him out for an apology. While speaking to him; Cassim's true feelings for Odette were revealed.

Cassim and Iago

Cassim and Iago

Current SituationEdit

  • He, Odette and Iago are on the run
  • Keeping his feelings for Odette a secret