Besides Canary having a beauty which attracts all men, she also is damned with the ugliest curse. When she shows the slightest anger her beauty can transform into a hideous monster. Canary being ignorant of this, once she kills Dimitri, she to will die as well. And will be reborn once Dimitri is reborn.


Canary, being the daughter of the almighty Lucifer, and half sister of Dimitri, was envied by two women. Their names being Maleficent {which defines evil} and her sister, Ursula. Maleficent envied Canary, for she had the gift of beauty, and the promise of a flawless life. So by ruining this she and Ursula, lures Canary to there lair where they scar her with the curse of a monstrous alter-ego. After this she felt much more powerful and beautiful at that, her father finds out about this and he uses this to his advantage. He trains her to destroy all of his enemies, one of them being her half brother Dimitri. Dimitri and Canary were always good friends, until he met the love of his life, Sinbad, whom he abandoned her for. After this, Canary grew bitter and envious towards Dimitri. Now that she has the power she can destroy her brother once and for all, and all enemies. Now that she has been on a mission to murder her brother, she searches every spot of the earth. And one day by doing this she meets Aurora, her love at first site. When she finds out Aurora and Dimitri are BFF's she really has the lust to kill Dimitri. But what stops her from killing Dimitri, is hurting Aurora.


Lucifer; Her father, who had trust in her, which broke when she met Aurora

Maleficent; Her evil step mother who cursed her. But Canary got her revenge by cutting her throat

Ursula; Maleficent's sister whom received the same punishment as her

Dimitri; Her half brother, whom she must kill, but decides not to, so she doesn't hurt Aurora

Aurora; The love of her life, the one she falls for and breaks her relationship with her father. They met twice, once when Canary was a girl in the forest, stranded. And second when she is hunting for Dimitri.


Canary & Her Alter Ego

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