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Name: Ariel

Age: 116

Hometown: Atlanits (Mermaid)

Location: Unknown, last seen with Tzipporah.

Employer: Eris, Goddess of Chaos & Discord.

Gift: If she wills it, her song can take the soul out of any human in hearing range and turn it into pure energy.

Destination: Where Megara is.

Goal: To help the gifted ones and get out of her contract with Eris.thumb|right|300px

{Still Editing} PastEdit

Ariel was a mermaid from Atlantis, one of the princesses to be exact, but, she always longed for something more. Sure, she would be alive for three-hundred years, only to turn into foam the day she dies. She heard of humans and how they have souls that could live on forever and that's what she desired. She began to study humans and became more fascinated by them as time went on. They had two legs, not fins! They could walk, run, dance, jump and so much more then she could ever do with her fins. Oh how she longed to join them on land, but she knew her father would never let her, no matter how much she begged and tried to show him that they weren't as corrupt and evil as he claimed them to be. He wouldn't see what she saw, so, she gave up hope and just continued to watch them from afar, longing for something that would never be hers...

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