Aisling (sparrow12582) is a protagonist in "The Sixth Sense".


Aisling is an immortal being who is capable of forming spirits from mortal creatures with her voice. She can read minds, shape-shift, float and climb on buildings. She also is hiding another gift that is very powerful and desirable.


Aisling once lived a happy life with her mother, who had a similar gift, and taught her of its beauty.

All that changed when Messina, a power hungry villainous, killed Aisling's mother and took her power.

Aisling, now aware of her own powers, is on the run from Messina, and wishes to join Megara and help her fight. In her travels, she encounterd Moses and revealed her secret power to him - the ability to heal.

While walking on her own, Aisling sees two gifted people -- Victor Van Dort and Jack Skellington. Wanting to know if they are good or working for the government, she follows them, but disappears into the mists when they see her.

Aisling laters rescues them from their prison using her power to transform animals into spirits, and accepts their invitation to join them.

Sixth sense aisling by aweirdo1-d38ui13

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